Convenience Culture and Logo Design



“What do we want – Success. When do we want it Now!” 

People want instant, people want cheap. This is symptomatic of what’s called Convenience Culture. This refers to how our modern society seems more and more geared towards ease and instant gratification; seeking shortcuts rather than old school values of hard work and investment. We have access to incredible new technology that allows us to, click, swipe and pay effortlessly. Think: McDonalds – fast food on a budget, Amazon – cheap fast delivery, Deliveroo – no cooking required, Google – instant answers without the research. Pop idol – instant fame… I’m sure you get the picture.

OK I understand it, but is this approach a wise one when starting a business? What am I talking about – making an informed decision whether to buy an off-the shelf ready made template logo versus investing in a professionally designed custom logo. Start-ups on a budget are faced with this choice – affordability versus perceived expensive option. I’m sure we’ve all seen the CHEAP/FAST/GOOD model, go on pick any two!



There are many reasons that some of my clients opt for the template option, price aside, they like the control. They do a little independent searching (thank you Google), find a couple of ideas they like and then tell the designer to merely add the business name and we’re good to go. Job done! However, I wouldn’t be professional if I didn’t try to advise against this approach (discuss cons later) and usually offer 3-4 custom designed logo options as well as showing willing by trying to work with the template, adding some unique features but still retaining a link to the idea that enthused the client. All very admirable but this process unfortunately adds more design time and ultimately is a compromise. 

So what’s the big deal Mr D Advocate asks, well… In today’s highly competitive business market, your logo is the keystone of your brand’s visual Identity. It’s a succinct memorable representation of your business and values, and most importantly it should be unique enough to set you apart from the competition. It’s a big ask of a logotype or icon. 

Your logo is the key to your brand’s identity. It’s the face of your company and the first impression you make

Jacob Cass


One should never take the easy road, but rather the right road, no matter how long the travel

Scott Cerreta


OK I promised to give you pros and cons, here goes..

• Inexpensive.
• Quick to implement.
• Large range to select from.
• Gives creative control to business owner.

These are quite numerous, probably best just to reverse the Custom Pros list!

However, I will highlight one major downside, namely Uniqueness. Can you think of a worse scenario than having your client point out that they just saw your logo elsewhere? And to make matters worse it was a competitor with a bad business reputation. Nightmare! 

Designed specifically for you. Therefore Unique. 
• Designed with your brand in mind, so aligns with your vision and values. 
• A good logo design conveys professionalism and promotes trust.
• A custom logo is designed with versatility in mind, scalable and practical for the many marketing functions. 
• You have the opportunity to collaborate with a talented designer to realise your vision. 
Using a template logo cannot be trademarked and may lead to expenses legal issues if it infringes on someone else’s. copyright. A good custom logo design process should eliminate these legal concerns.

• Will take a little longer.
• Be more expensive.
• Relies on and hiring and trusting a good professional designer or agency.


There are no shortcuts to any place worth going

Beverly Sills

I’m a business man too, so here’s my pitch. Lennon Design understands the importance of a professionally designed logo. I’m passionate about this area of my skill set and will take the time to learn about your business and aspirations. Together we can work to define and develop your brand, helping to give you that business edge in a competitive marketplace. Is it worth the investment? Over to you.