Six Principles
...of good logo design

First impressions count

A distinctive logo design is the starting point in building a successful brand. Your logo is your ambassador and your public face, and it’s my job to make sure it captures who you are and helps communicate that to your customers.

What’s in a name

A well designed logo needs to be unique, distinctive and memorable. However before you start even thinking about the logo you need to get the name right. The name is the introduction of your business to the world, put yourself in your audience’s shoes, what will they think when they hear your name, can it be corrupted into something negative? Is it too long or complex to be memorable? Does it connect at all with the market you’re in? Does it require a long-winded explanation? Are there trademark or domain availability issues? Clearly the name requires great consideration and Lennon Design can work with you to get this right.

Orange is the new black

For a lot of companies, like Lennon Design, colour has become an important identifier. Quite often, colours are how you recognise and associate products with a particular brand and are as universally identifiable as the company’s logo. It is most brands’ dream to ‘own’ a colour, within their own sector. When we’re working with our clients to create or refresh a brand, we look at the colour palette as a powerful tool in our arsenal. Market research tells us that 80% of visual information retained is related to the colour. Not just any old red or green but Coca Cola Red or Starbucks Green. The Telecommunications giant Orange, uses the colour both in its logo and as the trademarked company name – simple and mind blowingly effective – wish I’d thought of it!