What is it good for...

A short list of some of the numerous uses of this potent marketing platform:

  • Increase the brand awareness of your organisation or business
  • Change the public’s perception of your brand
  • Announce a sale or product promotion
  • Promote a new product
  • Raise awareness for a specific cause
  • Promote an upcoming event


Stand out in the crowd!

As part of your Marketing mix, large format banners and exhibition stands can be a powerful tool. The potential purposes for banners are numerous depending on your business or organisation objectives.

Good banner design doesn’t happen by accident though, It takes some strategic decisions to design an effective banner, You need to start by defining its purpose. Be clear in your objectives – What is it meant to achieve? Is it long term messaging or temporary promotion?

Start the design process with a clear objective of what you want to achieve from the exhibition. Every decision you make from there on in should contribute towards this objective

Toby Milan, Managing Partner at Expo

Banners and large format posters share the challenge that they must catch attention and impart the essential information with just a passing glance and more than likely, at a distance. Once hooked the audience may pause and read the entirety of your banner. 

How do we do it

  • Provide a focal point 
    Grab attention with a well chosen knockout Image.

  • Craft intriguing concise copy
    Focus on getting your message across as directly as possible.

  • Use strong contrasting colour
    Remember the distance factor, subtlety won’t cut it!

  • Reinforce the brand
    Ensure that copy style, imagery and colour are aligned.