Six Good Reasons...
for engaging Lennon Design

No.1  Experience

I have over twenty five years in the industry. In my previous role as founding director of award – winning contract publishing agency, White Light Media, I led the design and production of many publications, meeting and overcoming many challenges.

No.2  Track record

Working for clients like United Utilities,  NHS Lothian, Scottish Power, Scottish Widows, the University of Strathclyde, the University of Edinburgh, Glasgow Caledonian University and Edinburgh Napier University we proved ourselves by constantly delivering quality work to brief, on time and on budget – as promised.

No.3  Seeing the bigger picture

The work doesn’t begin and end with the production of the magazine, newsletter or report. An understanding of the bigger picture is important and I will work with you to help encourage wider engagement and promote the overall marketing strategy. 

No.4 A passion for editorial design

I can’t hide it, I love working on magazines, reports and similar publications. The combination of carefully crafted words and potent imagery is my design heaven!

No.5  Cost-effective

Lennon Design offers a rare combination of the experience normally associated with a big agency, coupled with the dedicated, customer focussed service of a small agency. 

No.6  Integrity and transparency

Lennon Design has a reputation for integrity, professionalism and creativity in the industry. Past business success has been built on hard work and establishing lasting relationships where promises are kept and goals are achieved.

Editorial design, what is it?

Possibly the first thing that comes to mind is magazines. However, it’s so much more than that and the principles of good editorial design can be applied to many uses like newsletters, leaflets, brochures and corporate reports.

The job of the designer is to create visually attractive layouts that has a positive impact on how written information is read and understood. Combining a clear hierarchy of type,  appropriate imagery and creative touches, good design engages with the reader and guides them from cover to cover.

An understanding of the audience demographic and the objectives of the publication is essential. Editorial design is so much more than words and pretty pics. Clear communication is the goal.