Why does print still matter?

“We don’t want to lose the pleasure of flipping through a glossy magazine, unfolding a beautiful brochure, or holding a well-crafted hardback book. I agree that ink on paper slows us down, and that is probably a good thing in this digital age.”

“It gives me the space to think, reflect, pause, return, re-read, and so on until what’s on the page has morphed from an idea to something deeper.”

“Online, and even on a tablet, it’s a different experience. There’s a light in my face. There’s an urgency. It has no closure; there’s always another click, an eternal stream of data rushing, flowing, pounding, demanding.

Stand out from the crowd

While the web and other new media seem to dominate today’s marketing world, the printed publication can still play an essential role in marketing your business. Printed corporate brochures, informative newsletters, stunning stationery and other print materials give your customers a sense of the quality and attention to detail that runs through your products or services. Quality print can offer a vital distinguishing factor that differentiates you from your competitors.

Lennon Design is highly experienced in delivering effective printed visual communications that are right for you and right for your audience. One of our most important skills doesn’t involve a computer or sketchpad; it’s listening to our clients. Every project begins by asking questions and taking the time to learn about your business and objectives before starting the creative process.

Production process

The same care and attention that went into the design is followed through all aspects of the production process – something that I manage on your behalf. Quality control is paramount and rigorous checks ensure the successful delivery of all projects – on time and on budget, as promised.